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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fixing Broken Windows XP .......

1. Correcting Installation (Repair Install)

If your Windows XP damaged (corrupted) where you do not have another operating system to boot,
You can do the repair installation (Repair Install) who works as setting (settings)
the beginning.

- Make sure you have the key (key) Windows XP is valid.
- The entire process will take less than 1 / 2 or 1 hour, depending on your computer spec.
- If you asked for an administrator password, you should select the repair option (repair) the second,
not the first.
- Insert your Windows XP CD and do the boot from the CD.
- When it comes second repair option R = Repair, press the R
This will start the repair.
- Press the F8 key to agree the next process "I Agree at the Licensing Agreement"
- Press the R button when the directory where you installed Windows XP. Usually C: \ WINDOWS
Next will be checked drive C: and start copying files.
And automatically restart if needed. Let your CD in the drive.
- Next you will see a picture of "progress bar" which is part of the improvement,
he looks like a normal XP installation normally, including "Collecting Information, Dynamic Update,
Preparing Installation, Installing Windows, Finalizing Installation ".
- When asked, click the Next button
- When asked to enter a keyword, enter the key (key) Windows XP valid.
- Normally you want to remain in the Domain or Workgroup name the same.
- The computer will restart.
- Then you will have the same screen as the activation of the system as a normal installation.
- Register if you want it (usually not necessary).
- Done

Now you can log in with your account that already exists.


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Monday, November 23, 2009

Smadav 2009 Rev 7.3 More Faster Light

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