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Thursday, March 26, 2009

What is a search engine?

One time we had to use search engines to look for an information need that we are, you know how the search engine work?.
here we try to help you to learn a little about the Search engine in the quotation from

Search engines are the most valuable discovery of this century who act as bridges between the millions of web pages and web users. It is very impossible to imagine the world without a web search engine. Millions of web pages will be converted into chaotic random forest without a search engine. Website may be useful hidden from users and what information will be received is not used. Job search engine does not stop to collect the valuable information in the millions of web pages that are on the internet.

Search Engine: Various Aspects

Visitors Point of View (Trying Better Search Results)
Users enter specific search query in the search box provided by the search engine. Their search engine to search and display all relevant results found in the search engine directory.

Understanding Websites Search Engine (To Give Better Results)
Websites always want to be included in search engine results and get listed in the top 20 results by search engine. Automatic search engine spider crawls the web by links. If a particular qualification web site to the search engine parameters will be indexed by search engines.

People are often based on the category crawler search engines and directories as a human search engine, but both are different.

How Search Engine Works?

Search engines have some algorithm to index the web page and display the results of the web. This process is followed by a search engine that extraordinary complex and detailed. Very crude terms the search engine follow the three steps below to display your search results queried by:

• User types a search term or a request to the search box.
• Search engine software crawl through millions of web pages available to search for that match a search query.
• Results are ranked in order of relevance
Search engine collects metadata about the particular group of items under consideration in the overall index. Indexed pages require a page stored by the search engine to calculate item relevance. Today's search engine popularity graph has been hiked in a way that they respond to tens of millions of queries per day if they are hundreds of millions of pages.
Today the needs of users has also changed. Querying a search engine is not enough for this day savvies internet. provides a platform for nearly all the top search engines on one screen. Google and Yahoo are in default but the user can get results from search engines listed in this website.

Hopefully the article above can be useful for you all. thank the author:

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Yahoo Messenger Virus 2

Lately we often see our friend in the friends list in yahoo messenger send a message that contains a link that actually is a virus that can threaten computer without aware if we do click of the link.
So, before the incident occurred. There are 6 well you see how right to eradicate the virus attacks the application of this chat:

1. Disable 'System Restore' during the cleaning process.
2. Disable Windows autorun, so the virus can not be activated automatically when the access to the drive / flash disk.

* Click the 'start'
* Click 'run'
* Type 'GPEDIT.MSC', without quotes. Then the screen will display 'Group Policy'
* In the 'Computer Configuration and User Configuration,' click 'Administrative templates'
* Click the 'System'
* Right click on 'Turn On Autoplay', select 'Properties'. Then the screen will appear 'on Tun Autoplay propeties'
* In the tabulation 'Settings', select' Enabled '
* In the 'Tun off Autoplay on' select 'All drives'
* Click 'Ok'

3. Turn off the virus, use the tools' security task manager 'and delete the file [sysmgr.exe, vshost.exe, winservices.exe, *. tmp]

Just a note,. Tmp files that have indicated an extension TMP [example: 5755.tmp]. Right-click on the file and select 'Remove', select the option 'Move files to Quarantine.

4. Repair registry that has been modified by the virus. To speed up the process of elimination, please copy the script below on the notepad program and save it with the name repair.inf. Run the file in the following manner: repair.inf Right-click, and select install.

Signature = "$ Chicago $"
Provider = Vaksincom Oyee

AddReg = UnhookRegKey
DelReg = del


HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ batfile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ comfile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ exefile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ piffile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ regfile \ shell \ open \ command,,, "regedit.exe"% 1 ""
HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ scrfile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon, Shell, 0, "Explorer.exe"
HKCU, SessionInformation, ProgramCount, 0x00010001, 3
HKCU, AppEvents \ schemes \ Apps \ Explorer \ BlockedPopup \. Current,,, "C: \ WINDOWS \ media \ Windows XP Pop-up Blocked.wav"
HKCU, AppEvents \ schemes \ Apps \ Explorer \ EmptyRecycleBin \. Current,,, "C: \ Windows \ media \ Windows XP Recycle.wav"
HKCU, AppEvents \ schemes \ Apps \ Explorer \ Navigating \. Current,,, "C: \ Windows \ media \ Windows XP Start.wav"
HKCU, AppEvents \ schemes \ Apps \ Explorer \ SecurityBand \. Current,,, "C: \ WINDOWS \ media \ Windows XP Information Bar.wav"


HKLM, SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run, Microsoft (R) System Manager
HKCU, Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run, help bMaxUserPortWindows Service
HKLM, SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ TCPIP \ Parameters, MaxUserPort

5. Remove virus file below:

C: \ vshost.exe [all drives]

C: \ autorun.inf [all drives]

C: \ RECYCLER \ S-1-5-21-9949614401-9544371273-983011715-7040 \ winservices.exe

C: \ Documents and Settings \% username% \ Local Settings \ Temp

A415.tmp [random]

034.exe [random]

Lady_Eats_Her_Shit -

C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ sysmgr.exe

C: \ WINDOWS \ Temp \ 5755.tmp

C: \ windows \ system32 \ crypts.dll

C: \ windows \ system32 \ msvcrt2.dll

6. For optimal cleaning and prevent re-infection, please use the antivirus can detect and eradicate this virus up to date.

You can also download tools in Norman Malware Cleaner

Quoted from on 26 March 2009

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sierra Aircard 881U

Product Information

Sierra AirCard 881U (USB)

Quad band 900/1800/1900/2100mhz
Multi mode speed up to 7,2 mbps download & 2mbps upload

Sierra 881U features :
Wireless data at speeds up to 7.2 Mbps on HSPA networks capable
High performance antenna in rugged housing
Supports HSUPA, HSDPA and UMTS on the 2100, 1900, 850 Mhz band
Supported OS: Windows ® Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS
GPS (Global Positioning System) for Location Based Satellite Tracking (Optional)
AirCard 881U can not be used for voice call,
Menu & VOICE Dialpad works only for credit check
Small unit size: 9cm x 5cm x 1.5 cm
3 months warranty replace

Price: Rp.850.000

Order now

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Yahoo Messenger Virus

One time we may ever receive messages from friends or buzz us as if that tells us to click the link to www (dot)-holiday picz (dot) com or summer-picz (dot) com or anything like that diffusive (pop-up link), do not immediately click on the new method because YM ID theft through pishing, or also a virus.

If we click the link before it will automatically open a Web page and automatically install a program that will make our computers become slow and YM will send the same message to all our friends list that is in the friends list in yahoo messenger. please be careful.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Internet Connection Settings

For friends who need setting on the computer or laptop that can connect to the internet in the following can be run.

Setting for Dial-Up in the PC / LAPTOP ....

1. Click the star-control panel-phone and modem.

2. click add-modem

3. checklist given in the "Do not detect", click Next

4. click havedisk, browse to the CD / drivers file download results.

5. click on the appropriate phone modem, select the appropriate port instalan

6. successful ifj appears in the modem and modem port **** it.

7. ago on the control panel click on network connection

8. click create new connection-next

9. select connent to the internet

10.pilih set up my connection manually, next.

11.pilih connect using a dial-up modem-next ISP
12.pada appropriate card type (the origin is also not a problem)-next number in accordance with the table below
* 99 *** 1 #: Mentari, sympathy, XL, halo, matrix, IM3
# 777: fren, star one, flexi

15.untuk username and password match with the data below.

user: indosat
password: indosat

Simpati and Halo
user: wap
password: wap123

user: empty
password: empty

user: gprs
password: IM3

user: m8
password: m8

user: @ telkomnet flexi
password: telkom

user: starone
password: indosat

user: xlgprs
password: proXL

User: user name filled in at the time of activation
Pass: pass filled at the time of activation


17.cheklist on "add a shortcut ........."

18.klik finish

19.klik 2x shortcuts that appear Is

20.klik Dial

21.Selamat try ....

To add the APN (Access Point Name):
Click the star-control panel-phone and modem.
Click on the tabs Modems
click on the modem you use and then click properties at the bottom of the
Advanced tabs and then click on the Fill Extar initializayion commands with the AT + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", "indosatm2".
Indosatm2 APN is an example for IM2, for that can adjust to the other instance Mentari IM3 APN or its indosatgprs.

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Available XL unlimited internet

If you want unlimited internet access with cheap products can use the service, namely XL unlimited internet.

SIM Card Services Internet Unlimited XL Prepaid service is a high-speed Internet access that can be used until satisfied (unlimited) during the period of time (30 days enabled), the availability of the network by utilizing berteknologi GPRS-EDGE-and 3G-HSDPA from XL. With this technology, allows customers to access the internet anywhere, anytime (anywhere, anytime).

XL Services Unlimited Prepaid Internet can also be enjoyed by customers in the shared area in Indonesia, while still in the network coverage XL

More information about the locations that can be used by customers to access the Service XL Prepaid Unlimited Internet, especially with the 3G network, it can be seen in

This product was introduced on 25 February 2009,. This is a prepaid Internet service can be the price of Rp. 130.000 course you can enjoy internet access for 30 days. after 30 days you can re-fill the back of Rp. 100.000 to be able to enjoy internet access 30 days.

For bookings please contact us immediately by sending an sms to 085729471697 or ym: gonbulz.

Stock is limited, order now. Resellers welcome

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Telkomsel Internet Settings

In this setting it is recommended to use all the rules that we already include in the sales package.

Access Point Name (APN) that is used is: the internet or telkomsel.

Every time we will undertake the use of APN, and if there is use Access Point Name in addition to that we had with the chip package as above then we as the seller is entitled to do and of the deposit has been paid we burn, this is because the pure error the customers.

APN: internet or telkomsel

user: blank

password: blank

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Add On KaskusMenu on Mozilla Firefox

For easy access in the menu of the forum Kaskus friend can add this add on mozilla firefox at all friend.
Please download this file and install it on firefox. You'll experience the ease in accessing Kaskus.

For those who have not used KasKusmenu

1. Click on the link below: KaskusMenu_2.8.0.xpi
2. Above, a notification appears: Firefox prevented this site from (...) asking you to install software on your computer. On Firefox 3, click "Allow" (in Firefox 2, site should be added to the list of sites allowed to install the add-on, then repeat the first step).
3. Dialog box will appear for the standard installation of extension. Follow all the steps.
4. Restart Firefox
5. Go to Options / Settings from the Tools menu> KasKusMenu> Options, and please set it as you see fit.
6. Press OK
7. Please enjoy KasKusMenu

This article is quoted from:

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Engine Advertisers

May have a time in mind you may want to incorporate ads into your product web advertisers, but you do not know how. Here we offer a program that maybe can help you advertise your products, How? because this program will be automatically entered in your ad to hundreds of web-web advertisers have.

How can you can take advantage of this program? answered for you please join with us and we will give you a program with only contributed Rp. 30000 only for 1 month then your ad will appear on the internet. Please click the link below.

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Sell Chip Internet Unlimited

We provide Chip Unlimited Internet from a variety of products such as unlimited IM2 Broom, Telkomsel and XL Unlimited Internet.
For your convenience in accessing the internet cheaper and without limit we provide for you. Please contact us for more information.

YM: gonbulz
SMS: 085729471697
So contact us now

We also prepared a range of GSM USB modem for your internet access. Sierra 881U modem is available only Rp. 1.100.000, - including shipping charges. We wait for your order.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Future possibility of internet: No need computer again, surfing just using mobile devices

Internet growth year by year, not just the internet user all over the world, but also the technology of internet itself. Now, about 80 % people around the world surfing internet using desktop computer or maybe laptop.

But what is the future possibility of internet? Intel has just answered it! Yes, the future of internet were in mobile devices.
People can use technology such as GPS, instanst messenger or Void, wireless access below hotspot...everywhere and anytime..How could this all happen?

This all can happen by one of intel development: Intel Atom™ processor. What can Intel Atom™ do to support internet by mobile devices...?
  1. Wireless connectivity
  2. Long time battery life
  3. Pocket size

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