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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Add On KaskusMenu on Mozilla Firefox

For easy access in the menu of the forum Kaskus friend can add this add on mozilla firefox at all friend.
Please download this file and install it on firefox. You'll experience the ease in accessing Kaskus.

For those who have not used KasKusmenu

1. Click on the link below: KaskusMenu_2.8.0.xpi
2. Above, a notification appears: Firefox prevented this site from (...) asking you to install software on your computer. On Firefox 3, click "Allow" (in Firefox 2, site should be added to the list of sites allowed to install the add-on, then repeat the first step).
3. Dialog box will appear for the standard installation of extension. Follow all the steps.
4. Restart Firefox
5. Go to Options / Settings from the Tools menu> KasKusMenu> Options, and please set it as you see fit.
6. Press OK
7. Please enjoy KasKusMenu

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