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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Available XL unlimited internet

If you want unlimited internet access with cheap products can use the service, namely XL unlimited internet.

SIM Card Services Internet Unlimited XL Prepaid service is a high-speed Internet access that can be used until satisfied (unlimited) during the period of time (30 days enabled), the availability of the network by utilizing berteknologi GPRS-EDGE-and 3G-HSDPA from XL. With this technology, allows customers to access the internet anywhere, anytime (anywhere, anytime).

XL Services Unlimited Prepaid Internet can also be enjoyed by customers in the shared area in Indonesia, while still in the network coverage XL

More information about the locations that can be used by customers to access the Service XL Prepaid Unlimited Internet, especially with the 3G network, it can be seen in

This product was introduced on 25 February 2009,. This is a prepaid Internet service can be the price of Rp. 130.000 course you can enjoy internet access for 30 days. after 30 days you can re-fill the back of Rp. 100.000 to be able to enjoy internet access 30 days.

For bookings please contact us immediately by sending an sms to 085729471697 or ym: gonbulz.

Stock is limited, order now. Resellers welcome