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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Internet Connection Settings

For friends who need setting on the computer or laptop that can connect to the internet in the following can be run.

Setting for Dial-Up in the PC / LAPTOP ....

1. Click the star-control panel-phone and modem.

2. click add-modem

3. checklist given in the "Do not detect", click Next

4. click havedisk, browse to the CD / drivers file download results.

5. click on the appropriate phone modem, select the appropriate port instalan

6. successful ifj appears in the modem and modem port **** it.

7. ago on the control panel click on network connection

8. click create new connection-next

9. select connent to the internet

10.pilih set up my connection manually, next.

11.pilih connect using a dial-up modem-next ISP
12.pada appropriate card type (the origin is also not a problem)-next number in accordance with the table below
* 99 *** 1 #: Mentari, sympathy, XL, halo, matrix, IM3
# 777: fren, star one, flexi

15.untuk username and password match with the data below.

user: indosat
password: indosat

Simpati and Halo
user: wap
password: wap123

user: empty
password: empty

user: gprs
password: IM3

user: m8
password: m8

user: @ telkomnet flexi
password: telkom

user: starone
password: indosat

user: xlgprs
password: proXL

User: user name filled in at the time of activation
Pass: pass filled at the time of activation


17.cheklist on "add a shortcut ........."

18.klik finish

19.klik 2x shortcuts that appear Is

20.klik Dial

21.Selamat try ....

To add the APN (Access Point Name):
Click the star-control panel-phone and modem.
Click on the tabs Modems
click on the modem you use and then click properties at the bottom of the
Advanced tabs and then click on the Fill Extar initializayion commands with the AT + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", "indosatm2".
Indosatm2 APN is an example for IM2, for that can adjust to the other instance Mentari IM3 APN or its indosatgprs.