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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Unlimited Internet TELKOMSEL is a product of Telkomsel for unlimited internet access with speeds up to 256kbps on 3G and HSDPA signals and speed will be 64kbps after declining quota volume exceeded 3GB.

We sell the chip TELKOMSEL Unlimited Internet access for your internet, stay up because the chip does not require ID cards or identity of the survey or in other words chip IM. Monthly payment between 5 - 10 and 20 - 23 every month.

To get the chip TELKOMSEL Unlimited Internet you only charged an activation fee Rp. 50.000, - plus the cost of the first month Rp. 185,000, - or Rp. 235,000, - (All excluding postage) and for the monthly cost of funds is spent Rp. 185.000.

For bookings can be done before the date 13, and 27 before the date of each month and the card will be active tgl 1 and 16 every bulanya, the card will be sent after the card is active.

This chip can only be used for internet just can not be used for phone calls and sms.

For reservations please fill the following data:
Full name:
Full Address:
Number of orders:
No HP / Tlp:

Then please send it via email => or can also sms to 085729471697 or ym: gonbulz

Sign up soon for activation 1 May 2009, before 29 April 2009

CHERRY EVO Unlimited
CP: Mazagenk
Jl. Soeprapto Letjend no 222 Mranti Purworejo
Central Java Indonesia
087837630125 / 085729471697

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Sell GSM Modem

We provide various kinds of gsm modem for your internet access. Modem is available at this time:

  • Modem Sierra 881u
  • Sierra Compass 885 Modem
  • Modem Huawei E156
  • Modem Huawei E160
  • Modem Huawei K3520
Price for the modem to contact us because the price always change ..... SMS: 085729471697 YM: gonbulz

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What do the LED lights indicate on Sierra

What do the LED lights indicate on the Sierra USB Connect 881u ?

This solution is intended for informational purposes only. AT&T provides network, billing, and provisioning support for the wireless voice and data networks. Additional support beyond this solution must be directed to Sierra Wireless at or your internal IT department.

Why sierra modem LED lights up red?

Why LED lights blink?

We will find out by reading any posts below.

Hopefully this can be useful for all of us..................

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Connection Setting for Sierra 3G Watcher

You have a gsm modem with the type and brand Sierra 881u? You are also confused on how to install the modem? Here we try to help you so that can be used for internet connection.

Steps to Setup Modem Sierra 881 that is connected to the internet:
  1. Do not install the modem to the computer first.
  2. Insert the CD default modem 881 to the Sierra in your computer.
  3. Browse to the folder in accordance with the Operating System your computer.
  4. Install 3G-watcherGeneric.msi to your computer.
  5. Follow the instructions Peng-installan.
  6. After the install is complete, plug the modem to your computer Sierra.
  7. Let Sierra install modem driver on computer, wait until finished / successful.
  8. If asked "Do you want to install the ATT Communication Manager" select NO.
  9. Turn on 3GWatcher
  10. After 3Gwatcher detects your modem, select Tools -> Connections -> Profile
  11. Depending on which internet provider you use, please DELETE all existing profile and create a new profile in accordance with your provider:
  • Indosat M2 o Pre-paid
Connection Name: IndosatM2
Users: * according to your username
Password: * appropriate password
APN: indosatm2
  • Telkomsel Flash
Connection Name: Telkomsel
Users : blank
Password : blank
APN: telkomsel / internet
  • Axis
Connection Name: Axis
Users: axis
Password: axis
APN: axis

12. Do not change the setting the other.

13. Click Apply

14. Now living in the network options CLICK connect and you can now use the internet with your modem Sierra!

To download the latest 3G Watcher click here

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Monday, April 20, 2009

YM status

You may never see on the web or in the forum that you can display the status of yahoo messenger us, and of course you also want the status of your yahoo Messenger can be displayed dib or web log or forum forum kesayangan you. I'll share a little how to display the status of the yahoo messenger when we both are online or offline.

How is easy, you just copy and paste the course code from below:
For Blog or Web =>
Download this file

For Forum =>

[URL = "ymsgr:sendIM? Id_yahoo_anda"] [IMG] = id_yahoo_anda / m = g / t = 2 / l = us / opi.jpg [/ IMG] [ / URL]

Please just copy and paste the above code to the web or in the forum when you post on your yahoo id please be replaced with a user id you have. Gabr shown to be displayed in accordance with the wishes of your number 1 - 15, you can change in the m = g / t = 2 / l = us / opi.jpg. please replace the number 2 with number 1 - 15.

Below is an example image from the number 1 to 15 :
Image 1 =>
Status YM

Image 2 =>
Status YM
Image 3 =>

Status YM
Image 4 =>
Status YM

Image 5 =>
Status YM

Image 6 =>
Status YM

Image 7 =>
Status YM

Image 8 =>
Status YM

Image 9 =>
Status YM

Image 10 =>
Status YM

Image 11 =>
Status YM

Image 12 =>
Status YM

Image 13 =>
Status YM

Image 14 =>
Status YM

Image 15 =>
Status YM

Please try hopefully useful for all ... ... ...

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Unlock Modem GSM

You have a modem that can only be in use by one operator only? Do not be confused because we are ready to help you to overcome this problem. We help you so that the modem can be used by all operators in Indonesia. Only take less than 30 minutes then the modem you're ready to use for all operators in indonesia. We guide you through Yahoo Messenger, so the process of doing your own.

Please contact us via sms 085729471697 or can through YM:
Status YM

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Restore the missing files

Loss of important data stored in the hard disk can become a nightmare, this happens because we accidentally formatting the hard disk or mengahpus us. At this time many software that can restore the lost data or supplied preformatted. This makes the nightmare that we naturally can not be bad again.

If you accidentally remove your data, for example, a partition on the hard drive, logical drive or hard drive erased accidentally deleted data can still be saved with the software. To initially prepare the steps as below if you have lost data
  • The best way is use the hard disk 2. A damaged disk, or lost data is used as a second hard drive. While the first hard disk is used as a system backup and recovery of lost data.
  • If you have 1 hard drive containing the system boot partition with 1 with Primary Partition. The best to not use the hard drive to recover to. Use the disk to install to recover the data recovery software. Efforts to prevent your data is deleted permanently.
  • If you have some drive letter such as C, D, E. You can use the disk to do recovery. With a record of the writing does not install on the drive letter that contains important data and have been erased accidentally. For example, your data resides in the drive letter E. So you may not use the drive letter E to install any program. Data recovery program can be placed on the drive letter for example, in D and C.
  • If you accidentally delete the partition your hard drive. You may not use the hard drive to install software to do anything. Use hard to find data on your hard disk is erased.
  • Even if your hard drive has lost the information or your hard drive start to crash as bad sector. System recovery can return your data. As long as the hard disk can still be recognized by the hard disk to perform adjuvant recovery
  • Software data recovery only to return your data is deleted accidentally. But not to return the form as your partition.

After that you can find software to restore the data you are able to take good data and partition the drive letter that you delete. Even data recovery software will try to find your data even if disk or storage media such as physical disability experienced bad sector.

We recommend using Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS - Windows Data Recovery Software or GetDataBack for NTFS or FAT.

So basically lost data either accidentally deleted the drive letter, directory partition and storage is not a bad dream again. With Data Recovery software, then your data can still be returned even if there is a risk can not entirely secured. When you experience this, immediately turn off your computer and disconnect your hard drive to make a recovery. And is not recommended to do data recovery on the same hard disk unless you know what right you have to do that. Know how to work hard, and storage media such as the type of partition, the drive letter is recommended to prevent further damage in.

Quoted from :

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to reset Windows XP password

Some time ago my confusion because I forgot the password of my windows xp, the computer is a lot of data that is important. And I have had to reinstall windows so that my data can be safe. Earlier when I am browsing I try to find in google how to open windows xp password, and finally I found, there discussed how to reset password windows xp

How to use?
First please download the iso file from this link ~ pnordahl/ntpasswd/ After downloading, please create a bootable disk in the burn to the blank CD.

How to make the CD?
Unzipped, there should be an ISO image file (cd??????.iso). This can be burned to CD using whatever burner program you like, most support writing ISO-images. Often double-clikcing on it in explorer will pop up the program offering to write the image to CD. Once written the CD should only contain some files like "initrd.gz", "vmlinuz" and some others. If it contains the image file "cd??????.iso" you didn't burn the image but instead added the file to a CD. I cannot help with this, please consult you CD-software manual or friends.

The CD will boot with most BIOSes, see your manual on how to set it to boot from CD. Some will auto-boot when a CD is in the drive, some others will show a boot-menu when you press ESC or F10/F12 when it probes the disks, some may need to have the boot order adjusted in setup.

Just boot this CD and follow instructions.
Usually, just pressing return/enter should work, except some
drivers (ISA for instance) may have to be loaded manually with
the 'm' menu option after boot.

The password reset and registry edit has now been tested with the following:
NT 3.51, NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server,Vista and Server 2008.
As far as I know, it will work with all Service Packs (SP) and
all editions (Professional, Server, Home etc)
Also, 64 bit windows version (XP, 2003, Vista, 2008) shold be OK

Quoted from:

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Remote PC

Some time you might think if you can run the computer at home when you are in a place. Or in other words we are a remote computer that we have at home. Now it has many applications to help us to our remote computer. One example is Teamviewer remote software, this software we can try with a free license even though only a few minutes only and if you want to use that you can buy the full license.
here I will try to help how pengguanan with the application of Teamviewer portable.
following is how to use Teamviewer:
  1. Download the following files Teamviewer
  2. Run the file that have been directly downloaded earlier and does not need to install.
  3. Leave some time to connect with the server Teamviewer.
  4. Make sure that the remote computer is also running applications Teamviewer.
  5. Please enter the ID of the computer in a remote.
  6. Wait some time until you have to enter the password.
  7. Enter a password from a computer in a remote.
  8. Wait some time until a window of the remote computer
  9. if you have already shown can remote to your computer.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Use POP3/IMAP4 Yahoo and Gmail

May be a time you heard about yahoo, which is thought by your email service and search engine. It is true that because Yahoo has been very popular as a provider of free email, and even can be every internet user has to have email. Not only email only, of late introduction of a message or YM is used by many people all just for a chat or business. Here we will discuss a bit about the Yahoo POP mail.
POP access to Yahoo mail is a free service for members that have been listed in Yahoo Mail.
If you have chosen to receive a letter campaign in the Inbox when you register with Yahoo! Mail, you will automatically become a member Yahoo! Delivers.

If you are not a member Yahoo! Delivers, make sure you have activated the feature using a pop before the feature. To activate the feature pop follow the steps below:
1. Log in to your Yahoo! Mail Classic Your
2. Click the Mail Options link in the upper right corner of the screen
3. Click the link Access Forwarding and Pop in the Mail Options screen
4. If you have not signed up on Yahoo! Delivers, you will be prompted to register. Click Yes in the list box
5. Fill in the requested information and press the Done
6. Select Web Access, and Pop. You can choose to receive messages that are considered spam by SpamGuard or not. Click your choice
7. Press the Save button at the bottom of the screen

Once completed, you can set the start Email Client like Outlook Express on your computer or mobile phone.

To receive and send Yahoo! Mail, you must set the mail server (POP) and the arrival of (SMTP)
  • Incoming POP3 server: (port 110) encryption: No encryption
  • Outgoing SMTP server: (port 25) encryption: No encryption
  • Account Name / Login Name: the name of your Yahoo! You (without the "@")
  • Email address: mail address Yahoo! Your email (eg,
  • Password: your password Yahoo!

GMAIL POP Setting :

Login to your Gmail account, after successful login click on "Settings" disudut right up, and then click again "POP3/IMAP4 Forwarding" you have to follow the guide and the last click "SAVE CHANGES". After that setting email settings diHP with:

Connection type: POP3 or IMAP4

Incoming server: or

Port: 995 (pop3) or 993 (IMAP4)
Encryption: SSL

-Outgoing server:
Port: 465
Encryption: SSL

-Username: your Gmail ID (without the "@")

-Password: your gmail password

SMTP settings select automatic or manual fill
-outgoing username: Your Gmail ID (without the "@")
outgoing-password: your gmail password

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Huawei Mobil connect Setting

Here's how to use a modem connection settings huawei :

1. Plug the modem to the usb port laptop or PC
2. Driver will be automatically installed into the laptop or PC, you just follow the steps.
3. If the installation is finished, double click the Mobile Connect icon on your desktop OR Click Start > All Programs> Mobile Connect > Mobile Connect (this step can only be done after you have successfully installed the Huawei USB Modem driver)

IF you are asked to enter your PIN, please enter you Telkomsel SIMCard PIN correctly (this is the same number that is asked whenever you turn on your handset)

4. Click Settings and then Network Connection Settings

5. Click New
6. Please fill in the box according to the below picture and Click Save afterwards
7. Click Connect
If you follow the step 1 to 7 correctly, you will be able to successfully connect to Telkomsel network with TELKOMSEL Internet settings. Successful connection will be marked with dialog box as shown below.
APN is just an example because each operator APN is different.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

GMAIL for your Drive online

Gmail is a facility e-mail account provided by, gmail itself has many advantages compared with a similar free email account provided by others, some of the excess gmail is:

POP / IMAP, with this facility we can download the email into the inbox without having to open a gmail from the gmail site, namely the application by using email client such as Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird etc..
  • Forwarding, allows you to divert incoming email to the email address of our other
  • Themes, to change the appearance of gmail
  • MAIL SEARCH, to find the email that we would want
  • Storage of storage is greater at around 2.5 - 7.5 gigabytes
  • CHAT facility that is integrated so that more practical.

With a storage capacity large enough, we can use gmail as an online drive storage media or online that we can access from wherever we are.

GMail DRIVE is an application that can be used to send the file that we want to Gmail Inbox directly from windows explorer, how it works is the application will send email that contains file attacment to our gmail inbox.

GMail drive is very useful for those who need the media & online storage can be accessed via the internet darimanapun. Create an interested please download an application GMail DRIVE, do the installation process and the gmail drive is ready for use.

Ever since Google started to offer users a Gmail e-mail account, which includes storage space of 6000 megabytes, you have had plenty of storage space but not a lot to fill it up with. With GMail Drive you can easily copy files to your Google Mail Account and retrieve them again.

When you create a new file using GMail Drive, it generates an e-mail and posts it to your account. The e-mail appears in your normal Inbox folder, and the file is attached as an e-mail attachment. GMail Drive periodically checks your mail account (using the Gmail search function) to see if new files have arrived and to rebuild the directory structures. But basically GMail Drive acts as any other hard-drive installed on your computer.

You can copy files to and from the GMail Drive folder simply by using drag'n'drop like you're used to with the normal Explorer folders.


First up, download the Gmail Drive shell extension. The download page says you need to have Internet Explorer 5 or higher for installation; this just refers to the fact that Internet Explorer is infernally wed to Windows Explorer and you need a version of the Windows Explorer based on the IE5+ engine. If you're running Windows XP you should be all set with this. No need to actually launch that browser — we wouldn't conscionably recommend that to anyone.

Installation is as simple as running the Setup program. When the installer is finished running, it will tell you you can begin using Gmail Drive right away, but you may actually have to restart your machine before you can access the new drive. If you don't see it in the list of locations under My Computer, just try restarting. Otherwise, you should be seeing Gmail Drive showing up just any regular storage device would.

Double-click the Gmail Drive icon, and you will be prompted for your login information:
Enter your deets and Gmail Drive shell extension will happily enumerate your files and log you in.
If you already have files stored in your account from attachments you've received, etc., you will see them in the Explorer window after you've logged in. Otherwise, if you have no files or if you've just created your brand spankin' new Gmail account, you'll just see an empty Explorer window.

Let's drag and drop some files into our new virtual drive. We'll choose some image files that we shot ourselves because, as far as we know, it's not illegal to copy these yet. Just open an Explorer window with some files you'd like to store on your new file server, select them, and drag and drop them into your Gmail Drive just as you would with any regular file transfer. You'll get a dialogue window with an animation involving a cute little phone that for some reason is sending a letter.

Regardless, it means Gmail Drive is whisking your files happily away and posting them to your Gmail account. When the transfer is finished, you'll see icons for your files in your Gmail Drive.

Fabulous. Now — if you have another Windows XP machine you use regularly — your work PC, for example — you can just set up the Gmail Drive shell extension there and have Explorer-type file manipulation on that machine, as well. This could be a really handy solution for sharing files between your two locations. But since we already know how to use Gmail Drive, let's take a look at what happens when we log in to our Gmail account from a regular old web browser.

More detail :

HOW-TO: Use your Gmail account as a personal file server

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Music Download

Want to search for music indonesia please download it here.

You can download songs that you like, so please do not hesitate ...

MP3 Single Indonesia April 2009

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Only Rp. 160,000 monthly

Unlimited Internet TELKOMSEL is a product of Telkomsel for unlimited internet access with speeds up to 256kbps on 3G and HSDPA signals and speed will be reduced to be 64kbps after melampui quota volume 3GB.

We provides TELKOMSEL Unlimited chip for your internet access, stay up because the chip does not require identity ktp or survey or in other words Instant chip . Monthly payment between 5 - 10 and 20 - 23 every month.

To get the chip TELKOMSEL Unlimited Internet you only charged an activation fee Rp. 25.000, - plus the cost of the first month Rp. 160,000, - or Rp. 185,000, - ( not included cost of shipping) and to simply issue a monthly cost of funds Rp. 160.000.

For bookings can be done before the date 13, and 27 before the date of each month and the card will be active tgl 1 and 16 every month, the card will be sent after the card is active.

This chip can only be used for internet just can not be used for phone calls and sms.

To order fill in the following data:

Full name:

Full Address:

Number of orders:


No HP / Tlp:


Register now before too late

Different prices for resellers

Then send it via email => or can also sms to 085729471697 or ym: gonbulz

CHERRY EVO Unlimited

CP: Mazagenk

Jl. Soeprapto Letjend no 222 Mranti Purworejo
Central Java Indonesia
087837630125 / 085729471697

Cherry Evo Unlimited

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Huawei K3520 Modem

Comes with Huawei's latest technology to support downlink capabilities up to 7.2Mbps which is not implemented in Malaysia yet and MICRO SD Memory Card Slot (up to 4GB)...

K3520 connects your computer over the 3G broadband network, so you can access the Web or collect emails at broadband speeds...

Its USB connects to any laptop or desktop, giving you total plug-and-play simplicity...

Its super-small, super-fast, and super-simple...

At just 86x25x12 millimetres and weighing less than 30 grams its the ultimate in portable connectivity...

You can carry K3520 around in your pocket...

It comes in cool white, in a super sleek design...

K3520 installs itself in just three clicks of the mouse... It's never been so simple to get connected...

Main Features :

  • HSDPA packet data service with a maximum transmission rate of 7.2Mbps
  • UMTS packet data service with a maximum transmission rate of 384kbps
  • EDGE packet data service with a maximum transmission rate of 236.8kbps
  • SMS service

ModelK3520 USB HSDPA Modem :
  • Dimensions 72.1 x 25.7 x 12.2 mm
  • Connectivity: USB with SD Slot
  • NetworksTriband GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz / EDGE (EGRPS) with a maximum transmissionrate of 236.8kbps / GPRS / WCDMA 2100 MHz (HSDPA) up to 7.2 Mbps /WCDMA 2100 MHz (3G/UMTS)
  • Weight 29g

Auto installation, convenient for use Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista Operating system

More Info :

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Huawei E220 Modem

The Huawei E220 is a Huawei HSDPA access device ( 'modem' ) manufactured by Huawei and notable for using the USB interface (USB modem).
With tiny design and high speed, Huawei E220 USB Modem redefines mini fashion for the elite. The irresistible creation features the eye-catching sleek design and a great speed up to 3.6Mbps. Its USB cable can be used by both laptops and desktop computers. Put the chic near your hand and enjoy the charm of mini fashion.
E220 connects to the computer with a standard Mini USB cable. The device comes with two cables, one short and one long. The long one has two USB A interfaces, one used for data and power and the other optionally only for assistance power in case the computer is not able to provide the full 500 mA (milliamperes) required for the device to work from one USB interface only. If your connection gets disrupted often or isn't really stable, consider using the two plug usb cable and supplying secondary power.

1. Main Features

HSDPA packet data service with a maximum transmission rate of 3.6Mbps
UMTS packet data service with a maximum transmission rate of 384kbps
EDGE packet data service with a maximum transmission rate of 236.8kbps
SMS service
Auto installation, convenient for use
Windows 2000 and Windows XP Operating system

2. Specifications

Frekuensi: HSDPA/UMTS 2.100 MHz dan GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1.800/1.900 MHz
: Internal
: standar 6 PIN SIM card

89 mm (p) x 43 mm (l) x 14,5 mm (t) Berat: <>

If you are a mobile person who need a notebook computer to work and be online, or you need a HSDPA modem which you could use on your home PC and notebook computer; and you just can’t rely on with your HSDPA smartphone for some reasons, I recommends Huawei E220.

Quote from :

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ready GSM Modem

We provide various types of GSM Modem for your internet access. from the sierra, huawei also available. All our modem warranty for 3 months for normal usage. You only enter the chip of your internet then you can have access without additional equipment again. Can use by all operators in indonesia because we have a modem unlock. Please contact us through YM or sms to 085729471697 for ordering Modem.

  • Sierra 881u GPS price 800.000, - IDR
  • Sierra 885 price 1,075,000, - IDR
  • Huawei E220 price 1,075,000, - IDR
  • Huawei E160 price 1,050,000, - IDR
  • Huawei K3520 price 1,090,000, - IDR
Order Now!
2 more than the purchase price nego

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