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Monday, April 13, 2009

Remote PC

Some time you might think if you can run the computer at home when you are in a place. Or in other words we are a remote computer that we have at home. Now it has many applications to help us to our remote computer. One example is Teamviewer remote software, this software we can try with a free license even though only a few minutes only and if you want to use that you can buy the full license.
here I will try to help how pengguanan with the application of Teamviewer portable.
following is how to use Teamviewer:
  1. Download the following files Teamviewer
  2. Run the file that have been directly downloaded earlier and does not need to install.
  3. Leave some time to connect with the server Teamviewer.
  4. Make sure that the remote computer is also running applications Teamviewer.
  5. Please enter the ID of the computer in a remote.
  6. Wait some time until you have to enter the password.
  7. Enter a password from a computer in a remote.
  8. Wait some time until a window of the remote computer
  9. if you have already shown can remote to your computer.