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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Use POP3/IMAP4 Yahoo and Gmail

May be a time you heard about yahoo, which is thought by your email service and search engine. It is true that because Yahoo has been very popular as a provider of free email, and even can be every internet user has to have email. Not only email only, of late introduction of a message or YM is used by many people all just for a chat or business. Here we will discuss a bit about the Yahoo POP mail.
POP access to Yahoo mail is a free service for members that have been listed in Yahoo Mail.
If you have chosen to receive a letter campaign in the Inbox when you register with Yahoo! Mail, you will automatically become a member Yahoo! Delivers.

If you are not a member Yahoo! Delivers, make sure you have activated the feature using a pop before the feature. To activate the feature pop follow the steps below:
1. Log in to your Yahoo! Mail Classic Your
2. Click the Mail Options link in the upper right corner of the screen
3. Click the link Access Forwarding and Pop in the Mail Options screen
4. If you have not signed up on Yahoo! Delivers, you will be prompted to register. Click Yes in the list box
5. Fill in the requested information and press the Done
6. Select Web Access, and Pop. You can choose to receive messages that are considered spam by SpamGuard or not. Click your choice
7. Press the Save button at the bottom of the screen

Once completed, you can set the start Email Client like Outlook Express on your computer or mobile phone.

To receive and send Yahoo! Mail, you must set the mail server (POP) and the arrival of (SMTP)
  • Incoming POP3 server: (port 110) encryption: No encryption
  • Outgoing SMTP server: (port 25) encryption: No encryption
  • Account Name / Login Name: the name of your Yahoo! You (without the "@")
  • Email address: mail address Yahoo! Your email (eg,
  • Password: your password Yahoo!

GMAIL POP Setting :

Login to your Gmail account, after successful login click on "Settings" disudut right up, and then click again "POP3/IMAP4 Forwarding" you have to follow the guide and the last click "SAVE CHANGES". After that setting email settings diHP with:

Connection type: POP3 or IMAP4

Incoming server: or

Port: 995 (pop3) or 993 (IMAP4)
Encryption: SSL

-Outgoing server:
Port: 465
Encryption: SSL

-Username: your Gmail ID (without the "@")

-Password: your gmail password

SMTP settings select automatic or manual fill
-outgoing username: Your Gmail ID (without the "@")
outgoing-password: your gmail password