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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ready GSM Modem

We provide various types of GSM Modem for your internet access. from the sierra, huawei also available. All our modem warranty for 3 months for normal usage. You only enter the chip of your internet then you can have access without additional equipment again. Can use by all operators in indonesia because we have a modem unlock. Please contact us through YM or sms to 085729471697 for ordering Modem.

  • Sierra 881u GPS price 800.000, - IDR
  • Sierra 885 price 1,075,000, - IDR
  • Huawei E220 price 1,075,000, - IDR
  • Huawei E160 price 1,050,000, - IDR
  • Huawei K3520 price 1,090,000, - IDR
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