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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Restore the missing files

Loss of important data stored in the hard disk can become a nightmare, this happens because we accidentally formatting the hard disk or mengahpus us. At this time many software that can restore the lost data or supplied preformatted. This makes the nightmare that we naturally can not be bad again.

If you accidentally remove your data, for example, a partition on the hard drive, logical drive or hard drive erased accidentally deleted data can still be saved with the software. To initially prepare the steps as below if you have lost data
  • The best way is use the hard disk 2. A damaged disk, or lost data is used as a second hard drive. While the first hard disk is used as a system backup and recovery of lost data.
  • If you have 1 hard drive containing the system boot partition with 1 with Primary Partition. The best to not use the hard drive to recover to. Use the disk to install to recover the data recovery software. Efforts to prevent your data is deleted permanently.
  • If you have some drive letter such as C, D, E. You can use the disk to do recovery. With a record of the writing does not install on the drive letter that contains important data and have been erased accidentally. For example, your data resides in the drive letter E. So you may not use the drive letter E to install any program. Data recovery program can be placed on the drive letter for example, in D and C.
  • If you accidentally delete the partition your hard drive. You may not use the hard drive to install software to do anything. Use hard to find data on your hard disk is erased.
  • Even if your hard drive has lost the information or your hard drive start to crash as bad sector. System recovery can return your data. As long as the hard disk can still be recognized by the hard disk to perform adjuvant recovery
  • Software data recovery only to return your data is deleted accidentally. But not to return the form as your partition.

After that you can find software to restore the data you are able to take good data and partition the drive letter that you delete. Even data recovery software will try to find your data even if disk or storage media such as physical disability experienced bad sector.

We recommend using Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS - Windows Data Recovery Software or GetDataBack for NTFS or FAT.

So basically lost data either accidentally deleted the drive letter, directory partition and storage is not a bad dream again. With Data Recovery software, then your data can still be returned even if there is a risk can not entirely secured. When you experience this, immediately turn off your computer and disconnect your hard drive to make a recovery. And is not recommended to do data recovery on the same hard disk unless you know what right you have to do that. Know how to work hard, and storage media such as the type of partition, the drive letter is recommended to prevent further damage in.

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