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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Connection Setting for Sierra 3G Watcher

You have a gsm modem with the type and brand Sierra 881u? You are also confused on how to install the modem? Here we try to help you so that can be used for internet connection.

Steps to Setup Modem Sierra 881 that is connected to the internet:
  1. Do not install the modem to the computer first.
  2. Insert the CD default modem 881 to the Sierra in your computer.
  3. Browse to the folder in accordance with the Operating System your computer.
  4. Install 3G-watcherGeneric.msi to your computer.
  5. Follow the instructions Peng-installan.
  6. After the install is complete, plug the modem to your computer Sierra.
  7. Let Sierra install modem driver on computer, wait until finished / successful.
  8. If asked "Do you want to install the ATT Communication Manager" select NO.
  9. Turn on 3GWatcher
  10. After 3Gwatcher detects your modem, select Tools -> Connections -> Profile
  11. Depending on which internet provider you use, please DELETE all existing profile and create a new profile in accordance with your provider:
  • Indosat M2 o Pre-paid
Connection Name: IndosatM2
Users: * according to your username
Password: * appropriate password
APN: indosatm2
  • Telkomsel Flash
Connection Name: Telkomsel
Users : blank
Password : blank
APN: telkomsel / internet
  • Axis
Connection Name: Axis
Users: axis
Password: axis
APN: axis

12. Do not change the setting the other.

13. Click Apply

14. Now living in the network options CLICK connect and you can now use the internet with your modem Sierra!

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