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Thursday, September 17, 2009

SmadAV 2009 Rev. 6.4.

Confused looking for local antivirus? Find the answers here. Original artificial antivirus SmadAV Indonesia, very powerful way to eradicate the existing local viruses so far. Up to now been released SmadAV 2009 Rev. 6.4.

SmadAV 2009 Rev. 6.4. finally released to the public after the refined and tested for a month or more in the lab SmadAV. The revision this time is the biggest revision ever done in SmadAV. You could say this is the best version ever SmadAV. So many improvements have been made, the main improvement is the engine scanner, quarantine feature, registration key protection, error handling, and much more. For a more complete list please see the bottom.

In Rev. 6 times this has added detection and cleaning thoroughly local 100 new viruses, among which are many viruses spread is AlbumBokep, Yuyun, Deadlock, Fullhouse, etc.. From this moment will be more accurate SmadAV the removal / cleaning of files, document files (doc or xls) now can be cleaned from virus infection without mengkarantinanya. Rev. 6 using the scanning technique and a new heuristic faster and more accurate for detecting viruses existing in the database and the new variant virus.

The following is a complete list of 2009 Rev. SmadAV Improvement. 6:

* Quarantine far more perfect and encryption features added
* Completion of Registration Key protection to prevent piracy
* Adding fix all button on the form minimize
* The position coordinates of the form / window SmadAV be saved when exit
* Bug / failed to restore files from quarantine when the path to the file already in use other files
* Bug / fail to explore the folder if folder name has a comma character (,)
* Bug / crash in some circumstances when SmadAV active as a guest on Windows XP
* No longer too much access to the floppy
* Completion of the form view in some parts
* Improving the features message and exit the form minimize
* It can display Unicode MessageBox

* SmadAV would advise you to do Full Scanning after cleaning the infection
* Key to display after scanning smadav.log
* SmadAV been able to write Smadav.log in Unicode or ANSI text
* Repair bug / fail display and remove a few buttons on the Scanner in certain circumstances


* Added database and thoroughly cleaning the latest 100 local virus

* The main engine has been refined so much more stable, fast, and accurate
* Technique of new heuristics to detect viruses without the need for a database VBS
* Technique of new heuristics to detect viruses shortcut
* Mea doc and xls files infected with viruses
* Clean thoroughly new Local Virus: Virus AlbumBokep, Deadlock, Fullhouse
* Detection Virus Alman, Conficker and Fusion Virus
* Detection Test File Eicar (international virus testing standards)
* Cleaning the host file
* Improved heuristic False Positive on VBS
* Code (API) for reading faster command line processes VBS virus

* SmaRTP much more stable and lighter

* Features Uninstall to uninstall the protection of the system SmadAV
* New Flashdisk will plug directly scanned SmadAV
* SmaRTP will lock the files when a virus is detected so that the file could not be accessed
* Completion of the process of elimination SmaRTP soon update it with the latest SmaRTP
* Improved bug in Vista, scanner failed to open the tray icon Smartp.
* Right-click the "Scan with SmadAV" only installed when installed SmaRTP
* [SmadAV Pro] Password only when the exit SmaRTP asked, changing settings, and use of tools.
* Change the folder structure of the Smad-Lock
* Not scanning system / registry when Auto-Scan Flashdisk

[Update 6.2]

The following is a complete list of 2009 Rev. SmadAV Improvement. 6.2:
* Detection of sality virus that infects other programs

* Clean virus AlbumBokep more accurate and complete
* Improved False Detection in a script file
* Improved False Detection in some dll files are detected as Conficker
* Create a shortcut on the desktop when installing SmaRTP
* Improvement of detection Hidden Files on Flashdisk
* Completion of the virus database structure
* Engine Scanner largely replaced by new techniques
* Completion of quarantine feature
* Improved the failure of the automatic scan flashdisk
* Added icon in the list of virus detection and quarantine
* Making smadav.log files after scanning is faster
* The install SmadAV the Program Files folder in the Windows folder is not longer
* And many other improvements ...

[Update 6.3]
The following is a complete list of 2009 Rev. SmadAV Improvement. 6.3:
* Completion of handling & Alman sality virus that infects exe files

* Added icon in the explorer right click "Scan with SmadAV"
* Improved bug in the explorer right click "Scan with SmadAV" which opened a lot of scanners
* Improvements to the structure of the virus detection engine

[Update 6.4]
The following is a complete list of 2009 Rev. SmadAV Improvement. 6.4:
* Adding a local database of hundreds of new viruses

* Improved detection for more accurate Sality
* Improved error detection on some files
* [SmadAV Pro] scanning exclusion list (Exception List)
* [SmadAV Pro] Eliminating the right panel (Panel Hide)
* Adding option and right click the checkbox in the alert view SmadAV
* Improved bug in the scanning files larger than about 1 GB
* Added status display hidden in the form of auto-scan flashdisk
* Improved scanning process bug when right-click "Scan with SmadAV"
* Improved bug right click "Scan with SmadAV" in Vista
* Improved detection bug in LNK

Please direct download SmadAV Rev. 2009. 6.4 or Mirror

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