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Saturday, May 30, 2009

How to Setup a Garmin GPS Modem Sierra 881U USB Aircard

Who want to have a GPS in the free laptop can now use a sierra 881U modem to the GPS so receivernya. Please just follow the way below. Previously, the GPS feature in the sierra 881U must be enabled first. 1. First download the Garmin software from the first site rapidshare. The link is below. Select one.

Link 1:
Link 2:

2. Install Main.msi first new setup.exe

3. Reboot computer

4. After the update to its Garmin Mobile PC to update the version of 5:00:50 which can be downloaded directly from the Garmin website. The link is below:

5. Reboot computer again after the update process is complete

6. Follow the instructions "unlock guide.txt" or "readme.txt" for active-in Garmin Mobile PC

7. GPS Map of Indonesia v.58 can be downloaded from the site
The link is below:

Once you've finished downloading [GMAv0.58], ato pake WinZip WinRAR to extract the file which is allotment GMAPSUPP.img who do not have a Garmin Map Source applications.

8. Copy and paste the file to GMAPSUPP.img in GarminMobilePC Installation directory. For example C: \ GarminMobilePC or D: \ GarminMobilePC

9. After the download and upgrade to the 3G version Wacther GPS. Can be downloaded from the site directly Sierra Wireless. The link is below:

10. Once you've finished upgrading 3G Watcher, colok Sierra 881U modem, turn on 3G watcher. Click Tools> MP Physical Interface. Select the USB option.

11. click Tools> Display to open the GPS GPS Monitor

12. Press Play signs in the middle to start searching for satellites. Wait a moment, what process fails (Failure), press pause and then play marks again to repeat the search process again. If you are successful will be seen "Got position fix at ... (x satellites).

13. If you are successful dapet satellites signal, turn on Garmin Mobile PC. Mobile PC will automatically connect to the sierra 881U modem.

14. Done already.

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