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Thursday, May 7, 2009

What is Netcut

...::: Netcut ::::..
Often we feel angry because the internet connection is very slow because the user is in the cafe or free hotspot on campus is very full.

Then we thought what if there are programs you can suck up bandwidth or switch to faster connections. The answer is Netcut, namely the representative of the Network Cutdimana function of this software is the internet connection from the server.

Shared connection speed is basically determined the number of users that are connected, the topology is used, setting the protocol and many more.
If using pure settingan, access speed will be divided based on the number of users that use it . For example : When the connection speed = 600 Kbps, and there are 6 users who use them, then their speed to 100 Kbps, but given the connection limit on the user.
So the more users connected, the smaller the access.

How it works Netcut bandwidth quota this switch from IP to IP that we use, when using this netcut the bandwidth of the IP in the IP switch to cut us,
To obtain this software, please download here or can googling.
This is only a knowledge of use if it is not wise because it will harm other people .....
To anticipate the user's use of netcut can use AntiNetcut can didwonload from ip so that it can not switch on.