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Friday, July 17, 2009

7 Step Removing Virus "Mbah Surip"

Vbs Virus / Cryf.A. or the more famous as the virus' Mbah Surip 'is making enough. From album disusupi porno, CD / DVD Rom computer also made the victim always open.

How to drive out the virus with the popular song 'Not pickaback' it? Here are 7 tips short mixed vaksincom:

1. Turn off the virus that is active in memory. To turn off the process of this virus, please use the tools of Currproses such as task manager, and then turn off the process that have a product name 'Microsoft (r) Windows Script Hosta' way:

  • Select the [block] the process that has product name 'Microsoft (r) Windows Script Hosta'
  • Right-click on the process that has been in the blok
  • Select [Kill Processes Selected]
2. Block files that the virus can not run for a while during the cleaning process using the feature 'Software Restriction Policiesa', this feature only in the Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008. To block tesebut file do the following:
  • Click the [Start]
  • Click [Run]
  • In the dialog box [Run], type SECPOL.MSC then click [OK]
  • On screen [Local Security Policy], click [Software Restriction policies]
  • Right-click on the [Software Restriction policies] and select [Create new policies]
  • Then right-click on the [Additional Rule] and select [New Hash Rule]
  • In Column [File Hash], click [Browse] and select the file that will be blocked. In the [File information] akan filled information from the file automatically.
  • In the Security Level select [Disallowed]
  • In the 'descriptiona' description of the contents of the file name (free),
3. Fix Registry to run the file [FixRegistry.exe], please download at the following address :

4. Remove the main virus file that was created. File parent virus akan hidden. If the parent file can not be displayed, please use Windows Explorer penggganti tools such as' XP Explorer. Please download at the following address :

After the software is installed, locate and delete the following files: svchost.vbs, desktop.ini, drvconfg.drv. SHELL32.dll,% Drive%: \ Album Bokep \ Naughty America and the C: \ windows.

5. Show file [TaskMgr.exe/Regedt32.exe/Regedit.exe/CMD.exe/Logoff.exe] hidden by the virus, how:
  • Start]
  • Click [Run]
  • Type CMD and then click the [OK]
  • On screen 'Dos Prompt' move the cursor position to the drive that will be in check
  • Type the command attrib regedit.exe and click the button
  • Then type the command that I distinguish only the file name will be displayed Taskmgr.exe ie, cmd.exe and Logoff.exe
6. For optimal cleaning and prevent infection, please re-install and scan with the antivirus is up-to-date.

7. If the computer is completely clean from the virus, delete the rule block file [WSCript.exe] which was created in step 2, how:
  • Click the [Start]
  • Click [Run]
  • In the dialog box [Run], type SECPOL.MSC then click [OK]
  • On screen [Local Security Policy], click 2x [Software Restriction policies]
  • Click [Additional Rule]
By: Adang Jauhar Taufik - detikinet
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