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Friday, July 24, 2009

Eliminate ads on Yahoo Messenger 9 on Windows hosts File

Here is the ad in the yahoo messenger 9 using the windows hosts file:
First change the folder option and un-check the hide operating system files. Then if you use windows vista, open with notepad and right click run as administrator (if there is a warning, please press continue, please login if login with your vista user and password). Once notepad is open click File>> open

Then open hosts file in the c: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts
on the last line in the host file has been opened in notepad add:

so it will usually look like this: localhost
:: 1 localhost

Save the file and then run Yahoo Messenger 9, and you saw with your own eyes if the ad or ads in ym 9 was lost. Can be implemented in windows xp, 2000, vista or other.

Little explanation :

command in the host file in windows can be used as a dns server from our ISP. This means so: we can membypass a website address to a particular server without passing through our ISP. Thus, when the address of a site included in the hosts file then the internet connection we will read the file and host an existing domain (url or web address that is) in the hosts file will be directed to the IP in accordance with the written in and no longer through ISP DNS our internet connection.

In the case of ad ym is the process so well: when the normal ad in yahoo messenger in our load or retrieved from the server with a particular Internet address. Now if we could direct internet address is not to go to my server but other servers to an empty (such as hard drives to us) then this will cause the calling process (load) so the ad does not show alias error. So it happens.

Of course, if in the url address that we bypass the hosts file also contains a proses2 other things then this will also mengakitbatkan process is also barren.

In the case of omission ads or ads in yahoo messenger with membypass url then all the processes through this url so barren also: such a plugin2 or yahoo mail and other notification.

So it's up to you all ..

Just sharing ... if there is one please be pardoned

By :Haqiqie Suluh =>