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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Internet Connection Setting for Siemens C55

If you have a Siemens C55 can be used as a modem to connect internet, this may be useful if you have a C55 and you want to connect to the internet.
Settings as follows;
* Install the driver data cable C55
* After the drivers finish in the install, go to Control panel
* Phone and modem options * Select the Modem tab, and then Add
* Check Do not detect my modem; I will select it from a list.
* Select (Standard modem types), the standard 33600 bps modem
* Select the appropriate port on the cable with driver install
* Finish

* Control panel
* System, select the Hardware tab and select Device manager.
* In the list select Standard modem 33,600 bps modem.
* Right click, properties.
* On the Advanced tab, fill in Extra initialization command to the content
* at+ cgdcont = 1, "ip", "xxx"
* Control panel, Network connections.
* Create a new connection, Next. * Connect to the Internet, next.
* Set up my connection manually, next
* Connect using a dial-up modem, next.
* Check the modem - Standard 33600 bps modem, next.
* Fill in the name of the ISP, next Content * Phone number * 99 *** 1 #
Username * xxx, xxx password, next.
* Finish

xxx = I used the service

Username: user activation time
Password: pass during activation
Extra initialization command: + cgdcont = 1, "ip", "indosatm2"

Username: axis
Password: 123456
Extra initialization command: at + cgdcont = 1, "ip", "axis"

Username: (Leave blank)
Password: (Clear)
Extra initialization command: at + cgdcont = 1, "ip", "Telkomsel"